Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coxe: Copenhagen and The Jihad Against Global Warming Are Very Bullish For Oil Stocks

Speaking of oil, Don Coxe's webcast yesterday was heavily focussed on oil, and global warming. He says that oil sands stock have been big victims of the Jihad against global warming. Coxe goes off on a tangent and talks about the "extremists" and "rioters". This has to be bullish for the oil industry, he says. Global warming deniers may like it.
Coxe also discusses the US dollar, Euro, and Greece, which Coxe says fudged its books to get in the Euro zone. The problems in Europe are tied to the USD, the rally in the USD clipped $100 off the price of gold. The short position on the USD is massive. Central banks in Asia are very alarmed by asset bubbles in their regions due to "financial heroin".
Listen to his audio cast.

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