Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brazil Created Over 2.5M Jobs in 2010, Will Create 3M in 2011

This is for anyone that had any doubts about the boom in Brazil, and all those sayng that there is a bubble there. Make no mistake: this still has years to go.

Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said on Thursday that the creation of formal employment in Brazil in 2010 surpassed 2.550 million, which should confirm a historic result. The official numbers will be published next week, according to the minister. 2,544,457 jobs were created up to November.

Lupi said that despite the prospect of a slowing economy this year, employment generation should surpass the 3 million mark. "The virtuous cycle will continue this year with increased investment in infrastructure works and works for the World Cup and Olympics," said the minister.

Lupi also commented that there is no disagreement within the government regarding the minimum wage.
During the week, the minister had said that the value of the minimum wage would be decided by Congress. Today, however, Lupi said she defends the value established by Provisional Measure 516, signed by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and published in the Official Gazette in the last days of his government on December 31. The MP has set the wage at R $ 540.00. The minister emphasized that Congress is entitled to discuss the issue

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