Saturday, January 8, 2011

Invest Wisely Where The Growth Is: World's Current Powers To Drop Hard Falling Behind Emerging Nations in GDP

PriceWaterhouse Coopers has released a study of GDP projections. It's "move over" for the world's current powerhouses. Brazil will surpass France this year, will move ahead of the U.K.,. by 2013, and will be 4th largest economy by 2050, leaving even Germany and Japan behind.

Reflecting where the current growth is in the world, the U.S. will also fall, to 3rd place, behind China and India. Canada will drop to 16th place. After Brazil, Indonesia is the next big jumper, moving to 8th place.

Germany is expected to drop to10th place.

Brazil's GDP is expected to rise from $2T to $9.7T by 2050, at current prices.

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