Friday, January 28, 2011

Petrobras Makes Yet New Oil Discovery

Petrobras, PBR on the NYSE, announced yesterday yet a new discovery of oil of very good quality, in the pre-salt reservoirs in Block BM-S-9, in the ultradeep Santos basin.

The breakthrough occurred in the informally known Carioca Northeast area, located in water depth of 2,151 m and 275 km from the coast of São Paulo in the assessment area of the Carioca - 1-BRSA-491-SPS (1-SPS-50) well.
Petrobras is the 3rd largest energy company in the world. The stock is up % since 2009. We track Latin-American ADRS live here.

According to the statement, preliminary analysis confirmed the extent of accumulation with high quality 26 ° API oil in a 200 meters reservoir, better than the results of the initial well. Block BM-S-9 is composed of two assessment areas: well 1-BRSA-594-SPS (1-SPS-55), informally known as Guara, and the area of well 1-BRSA-491-SPS (1 - SPS-50), informally known as Carioca, where is the discovery well.

Petrobras holds 45% interest in this concession, the operator of the consortium being formed by BG Group as well, with 30%, and Repsol, with 25%.

Says PBR: "The consortium will continue the investments planned in the Discovery Assessment Plan, to confirm dimensions and characteristics of the reservoir, seeking the development of the project and activities in the pre-salt Santos Basin,"

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