Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Sleek, It's Fast, Powerful, and Super Thin: Not The iPad, It's The RIM Playbook!

RIM gave a demonstration of the new Playbook at the International Consumer Electronics Show, and it was impressive. Analysts and reporters report that the Playbook is a device that will gain a foothold in the expanding market for touch screen tablet computers.
"It's sleek, it's fast and has the same polished feel and attention to detail that helped RIM become the favourite device of corporate users and helped propel the Waterloo, Ont.-based company's Black-Berrys to the forefront of the smartphone world". (FP)

It's going on sale in Q1 2011, and the company says pricing will be "competitive" with rival tablets.

It has the BlackBerry logo emblazoned under its seven-inch screen, weighs barely 400 grams and its thickness: just10 mm. It also has a scratch-resistant soft-touch finish backside.
RIM demoed the powerful QnX OS that power the Playbook (this is an incredible OS that I used when developing security applications for Citibank in the 80s). The device was shown playing a YouTube video while spreadsheets and other apps run on the foreground. RIM also showed showed the front-and rear-facing cameras.

RIM's target price is $80.

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