Thursday, January 27, 2011

New ETF for Jobless Claims

This is a joke (so far). Jobless claims rose to +454K this week, flollowing a sharp drop last time. These time around the silly figures are being blamed on "snow storms". These numbers are so erratics and volatile that they would make a good candidate for one of those ETFs that gamblers use nowadays, possibly leveraged too. If they could fit in future contracts/bets even better (worse), then investors woudl lose another 10-20% every month too.

So the headline is a joke, but the really, the chances of an employment or jobless ETF is not that low these days.

Did you know there are now 18 ETFs that track the volatility index VIX in one form or another? That includes the dreadful VXX of course.

Bloomberg has a symbol and chart for this stuff:

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Deming said...

You could always trade snowfall futures, monthly or seasonal, at the CME!


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