Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Braskem Signs Major Deal to Sell Green Plastic Made of Sugar Cane That Captures CO2 From the Atmosphere

Braskem trades under symbol BAK on the NYSE. The stock is up 182% this year:

The company has made a major announcement of an agreement with Johnson and Johnson related to its green plastic technology, a plastic that is made of renewable resources.

Made with 100% renewable raw materials, Braskem's Green Ethylene is produced from the dehydration of ethanol from sugar canes (the same that is currently used as fuel in hybrid cars) and then polymerized into green polyethylene. "Green Resin" is considered a watershed in the polymer market. It has the same appearance and properties of traditional plastics in the final product, the difference is that it can capture CO2 from the atmosphere, i.e. one ton of green resin captures 2.5 tons of CO2.

The companies announced that Sundown sun protector will use Green Resin packaging by 2011.

This plastic can be used in all applications where the petrochemical version is used nowadays, with no changes in machinery or production processes.

Sundown is the first cosmetics brand in the country to initiate the development of package called Green PE.

"The first packages of the new material will arrive for the summer 2011/2012. Initially, the Regular Line of Protectors and Blockers and the Sundown® Gold tanning line will be the first to be produced with the package made of a renewable raw material, but the whole portfolio should now be done with the Green Resin. "Johnson & Johnson will have exclusiveness in the market of sun-blocking in Brazil and continues to evaluate the use of green polyethylene in other product lines and in other parts of the world. The Green Resin will broaden the relationship between Sundown® and the Sun. Besides the product, the package now will also have this relationship, as this material only exists because the sun provides energy to the development of sugar cane."

If you are not familiar with Braskem, please read below:

The company has the largest and most modern research complex in the sector in Latin America, the Innovation and Technology Center of Braskem. The CTI has units in Triunfo, in Rio Grande do Sul, Camaçari, Bahia, and São Paulo, where products, processes, applications and new markets are developed in partnership with clients, plastic transformers that comprise the third generation. The company thus aggregates value and competitiveness to the entire petrochemical and plastic production chain.With shares listed on the São Paulo, New York and Madrid Stock Exchanges, Braskem is committed to the principles of good corporate governance, founded on transparency in its relations with the capitals market.

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