Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brazilian Stock Exchange Reaches 2nd Highest Trading Volume Ever

Bovespa, Bolsa de Sao Paulo, reported in October in a daily average of U.S. $ 3.732B, said Economática, a research institute. It was the second largest trading volume in its history.

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The largest volume was recorded in May 2008, when the exchange was trading an average of U.S. $ 3,732B.

Most actively traded stocks in LA

In October, Vale PNA was the leader in most actively traded stocks in Latin America, leaving Petrobras PN in second place. The mining giant in Brazil had an average daily trading volume of U.S. $ 408.929M. In the list of top twenty companies with shares traded over the last month in Latin America, 18 are in the Brazilian financial market. Only the Mexicans America Movil (10th place) and Cemex (20th place) figure in the top 20 and are the only ones that do not trade in the Bovespa.

Here is what was going on there as of 12:30PM:

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