Thursday, November 5, 2009

Investing in Brazil 2009 - Financial Times Version

Speaking of Brazil, the Financial Times has an entire section on it today. It is a huge PDF file, or you can access parts of the report here: Financial Times report.

Content (links not clickable)

Olympic accolade sets seal on progress

Jonathan Wheatley considers the strides that the South American giant has made and the pitfalls ahead

Banking: Quick recovery, enviable outlook

The sector has prospered thanks to wide spreads and tight regulation, explains John Rumsey

Capital markets: Strong growth after slight dip

It has been a good crisis but some are worried about the tax on inflows, reports Jonathan Wheatley

Celebrity status in the field of IPOs

A respected monetary policy and deep interest rate cuts have made the country an attractive option for emerging market equity investors, writes Samantha Pearson

Power generation: Amazon dam comes under close scrutiny

Ed Crooks looks at a hydro-electric project in a fragile region

Agriculture: Superpower is ready to feed the world

Huge strides have been made in productivity, with scope for more, writes Jonathan Wheatley

Metals and mining: Government intent on more control

The sector is facing pressure over policy decisions, writes Jonathan Wheatley

Sugar and ethanol: A perfect storm of troubles

Samantha Pearson on the predicament of an industry striving to transform itself

IT: Culture of hi-tech and hustle fosters world-leading ambitions

Brazil is rapidly becoming a new world centre for IT and BPO, writes Dom Phillips

Telecoms: A sweet spot for mobiles

In Brazil, more people have mobile phones than bank accounts, writes Dom Phillips

The north-east: Still trying to catch up

Santo Antônio: Project Financing

Business life in Rocinha favela

Irrigation helps the drylands bear fruit

Walmart cuts retailing cloth to suit fast-growing local customers

Retail: The battle for consumers heats up

Oil and gas: Sunken treasure is ticket to the world’s VIP energy club

Embraer: The worst may be over

Hotels: An Olympian effort may be required

Housing profile: Tenda sees benefit of home-building programme

Franchising: Golden opportunities, but choose your partners wisely

Shoemaking: A prized industry has travelled north-east

Education: Expanding economy discovers it lacks the skills it requires

Bolsa Família scheme: Income support makes a real difference

Housing programme: Support for affordable housing and construction sector

Environment: Masses of trees and soon to be a big oil producer

Infrastructure: Too little for too long, but PAC may put things on track

Aspiration: World-class destination

Coconut water takes on the world

Tourism profile: Brazilian Beach House exploits gap in villa rental market

Business of fashion: The sexy Brazilian touch goes down well in Russia

Olympics: Rio’s glossy sell belies a litany of troubles

The beautiful game: malfeasance and goalposts

Transport: Highway concessions

Interview with Luciano Coutinho, president of the development bank, the BNDES

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