Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Euro is Headed Back to 1.44, From 1.37: FXE ETF

The above chart shows the Euro (in USD). You can clearly see that the Euro was going up (i.e, the dollar was dropping) significantly throughout 2009, and thow the movement reversed in 2010, against all the predictions of the people who were saying that the USD was doomed.

According to INO's latest video on the USD, the Euro is headed back up to 1.42/1.44. Currently it is at 1.367, that's a differential of about +5.1%. Current chart as of today:

A popular ETF to use is FXE, which shows pretty much the same scenario in terms of alerts and technical analysis:

FXE closed today at $137.47. April 138 calls sell for $1.30. To achieve profitability, this position needs a move of 1.33%. If you also buy the 136 puts for $1.05, for a straddle protection, then the move required is -2.78% or +2.09% on the upside. These options expire April 17.

To run INO's tool yourself on any stock you like, please use this custom link (2 months free).

The options are computed with our StraddlesCalc Tool.

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