Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheapest Stocks in the S&P 500 by P/E

The Standard & Poor's 500 stock market index comprises 500 large-cap American companies covering about 75% of the American equity market by capitalization.

Here are the cheapest and most expensive stocks in the index by price/earnings ratio (looking only at companies with positive earnings):

30 Companies with lowest P/E:

(please click on image to enlarge)

30 companies with highest P/E:


The above only shows those companies with positive P/Es. Note that only 399 of the companies in the index have positive P/E ratios. P/E ratios are as EOD today, with data provided by Google Finance.

The average P/E ratio of the companies with positive P/Es is 16.16.

The complete list is here.

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