Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FAS FAZ Banging Again

Today FAS and FAZ are banging against each other at 8.26. The last encounter had been at 8.31. The first one was at 9.55. It is a series of continuing declines and losses. What else can you say.

Previous encounters.

Previous encounters showing intra-day losses.

EDIT 4:42PM. They closed today at 8.23 and 8.20, again showing intra-day losses, both being lower than the 8.26 they crossed earlier.

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Me XMan said...

Are these will go to 0 eventually?

The Shocked Investor said...

Me Xman, I think you are correct on the diredction and on the amount of eventual losses, however, they will just be reversed split once under $2 or $1, so they won't go to zero - nominally.

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