Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ADRs That Trade in The NYSE Are Under Extreme Conditions

All ADRs that trade in the NYSE are tracked live here.

Because of extreme oversold and oversold conditions and the high volatility of recent days, here is an update on the current state of the ADRs that trade in the NYSE (over 260 of them). There are many that are in extreme oversold and overbought conditions.

Top 35 Oversold (short term):

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An RSI of 6 is extreme. of course the companies could still be heading for bankruptcy. If not, these conditions will eventually revert. NPD is a a retail drugstore chain in China. BTM is the Brazilian Telecom operator.

Top 35 Overbought (short term):

HTX is provider of mobile and fixed-line telecommunications services in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel among others.

Top 35 Oversold (long term):

Not many are oversold in the long term though. Lloyds and RBS are not exactly attractive financials to buy. Now, WH is a manufacturer of seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), including casing, tubing and drill pipes used for oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and extraction.

Top 35 Overbought (long term):

Many here are under extreme overbought conditions. EBR is in the Brazilian nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil fuel electric power industry. SAN is Santander Bank in Chile. BCA is another bank in Chile.

Chile, home of the fabulous SQM, is definitely a hot place to be, see the Tale of two countries.

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Please do your due diligence!

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