Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gold, Silver, Platinum, What To Do Short Term and Long Term

Gold, Silver, and Platinum: The top three ETFs that track these precious metals are GLD, SLV, and PHPT for platinum.

INO has a great video discussing all three metal markets now, and shows how to view and use the buy and sell and trend signals for short term, and long term, and what the differences are, something that has always been more difficult to do. The first part of the video discusses precisely this.

These three markets have a lot of volume, technicals are lining up for potentially great trades. "Gold makes a record high, then pulls back. Silver is inching towards an all-time high level and platinum is making people rethink their decision to go with a white gold wedding band".

Gold, Silver, Platinum...W.T.F. video? Watch video

This is a great educational video.

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