Monday, January 11, 2010

Toyota To Sell New All-Electric Vehicle

In more car news, the Wall Street Journal reports thatToyota will begin selling an all-electric vehicle in 2012.

In addition, Toyota also plans to sell hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles bt 2015 and will expand the Prius hybrid into a family of vehicles.

"Toyota Motors Sales President Jim Lentz said he just received approval from Japan to expand the Prius line into what he hopes will be more than two models, compared with one currently. He expects the Prius family of vehicles to outsell the Camry, currently the top-selling passenger car in the U.S. Mr. Lentz said electric vehicles are still constrained by current battery technology".

"The company Monday said it plans to release eight new hybrid models in the next few years and aims to sell one million hybrid vehicles globally a year early this decade".

General Motors Co. plans to begin selling the Chevrolet Volt this year. Nissan also plans to start selling its all-electric car in December.

The Toyota vehicle:

Please note that we reported last week that IEEE said GM's Volt is a loser for 2010.

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