Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paul van Eeden: Faith in China's Recovery is Misplaced; Commodities Way Overvalued, Bullish on US Dollar

Those wishing to build an optimal portfolio should listen to the great Paul van Eeden, who was on BNN today. Of particular importance is if your investments include commodities, gold bullion, foreign currencies, and the U.S. dollar.

Some of his points:
  • The recent market bounce is not based on fundamentals. Markets should not be as buoyant as they are.

  • The Fed has a role on prices

  • The have put bandaids on the problem.

  • Optimism is based on China's stimulus. That faith is misplaced, the economy is not large enough to compensate what we are losing in Europe and North America. Numbers are not believable.

  • Commodities: Nickel is the best commodity, but it is overpriced by 40-50%. The others are overpriced by as much as 100%. This translates into bullishness on the USD dollar.

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1 comment:

crisismaven said...

As always, van Eeden hits the nail on the head: There will be much more hardship soon with a looming Chinese collapse bigger than the Soviet Union's.

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