Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Interview With John Crow, Former Governor Bank on Canada: The Fed Missed The Boat

The Bank of Canada manitained interest rates at record lows today and said that the recovery continues to depend on exceptional stimulus measures.

BNN had a fabulous interview with John Crow today, former governor of the Bank of Canada.

  • We have enormous fiscal deficits, Canada is big, U.S. is bigger, U.K. has huge issues, the question is who goes first
  • The Fed missed the boat, houisng, interest rates, moral hazard
  • On bubbles: the housing situation in Canada is concerning, but certain bubbles are more dangerous than others. These are the ones where sistemic risk. There is no sub-prime lending in Canada
  • Tax on banks is a good thing, banks have not paid enough and have not changed their ways either.
Watch interview Part I

Watch interview Part II

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