Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake

Some things are much more important that markets or trading. Having no communications with the area we can only hope that people will be coping. I have managed two contacts (SMS via 3rd party and an email) with very close family and friends in Santiago and the news is good, but have not been able to contact anyone else I know in Concepcion. They are totally cut off and there is much destruction.

Although the country is relatively prepared for earthquakes, people there will be without water and electricity for many days. It is just awful.

UPDATE, Sunday Feb 28.

Managed to established a skype talk with my cousin in Santiago. For anyone interested in what happens during such violent earthquakes, people in the south have no access to electricity and more importantly water. In Coronel, near Concepcion people we know who live in high-rises joined whatever food they have and are sharing it. However, they drink water from the swimming pool. It is chaotic and there is looting and it is very dangerous to drive on streets. The Army tries to control the situation, but when people cannot eat or drink there is only so much that can be done until the water arrives. Being a seismic country, the country prepares for this but the damage is extensive. Even in Santiago some places still have no electricity. Phones still mostly do not work. Some texting is possible somehow.

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