Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silver is Not Like Gold, Headed Lower or Sideways

INO has a really interesting study on silver (watch). The charts out of their tool show clear cycles, and because the last high was not taken out their conclusions is that silver is currently in a trading range. In fact they think silver will continue to erode or stagnate.

These are the cycles:

The video also explains that silver is not gold at all. Watch video.

Gold and silver are not that related. The one to be at when gold was going higher was... gold.

To trade silver, the best ETF is SLV. Here is the same type chart (since 2006), using the same tool, for SLV (I added Fibonacci levels):

To run the tool yourself on any stock, they have a risk-free money-back guaranteed trial, this link gives 2 months bonus.

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