Friday, February 12, 2010

Greece is not Alone, Japan and USA are Also Close to the Edge

Japan and the U.S. are close behind Greece. That's the opinion by some elsewhere in the world. Well-known journalist Celso Ming comments on today's O Estado de Sao Paulo:

"The preparation of a package to aid Greece by the great powers of the European Union, especially Germany and France, is already confirmed. The only unknown is exactly what is inside. In any case, the strong imbalance in the finances of Greece is recognized and that something must be done to not infect the euro and the whole European block.

The problem is that Greece is not alone. Maybe it is the worst case. But other countries, even outside the European Union - and not as small as Greece - are in very similar situation. Japan and the United States are very close to the precipice and this is not people interested in taking advantage of any kind of financial speculation that touted concerns about it.

Two weeks ago, the president of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet, considered it necessary to warn that the situation in these countries is not very different from that of Greece and Portugal. This was not just an attempt to make the EU the focus of the spotlight. The poor financial conditions of some big powers are no less worrisome.

This means that, once solved the case of Greece, the capital-hander will look for another source of speculation to see how you can profit from it".

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