Friday, February 26, 2010

Quest Uranium: Best Performer on the TSXV, +4,900%

I have written about Quest Uranium (QUC.V) a few times as I am holder of this company since inception (article). The stock has performed very well in the last couple of eyars.

Today BNN interviewed its CEO. It turns out that Quest was the best performer of the TSXV in 2009, with an ROI of 4,900% (50X) since Jan 2009 (till today). The company last year announced major find of rare earths. According to the CEO, there is much more to come. The big deal with rare earths is that China has stopped all exports, hence the big interest.

I obtained these shares as a result of a spin-off of another company, don't even remeber whcih one. The shares have been sitting in my RRSP account since then.

Sometimes you get lucky, but we'll happily take it.

Chart (look at the recent volume):

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