Monday, February 8, 2010

Profit From Trading Currency ETFs

Today we look at two popular currency ETFs: FXC (Canadian dollar) and BZF, Brazilian real. These have become quite popular after the near-collapse of the US dollar in 2008, and it is easy to see why.

We track all currency ETFs live here.

Here are the charts showing the monthly buy and sell alerts for both ETFs (please click to enlarge):

By following the red (sell) and green (buy) triangles, you can have good idea of the results.

These are the results of the alert signals for $10k initial investment in each of the ETFs.

(please click to enlarge)

  • BZF's ROI is +45.05%, compared with a loss of 1.99% for a buy and hold strategy.
  • FXC's ROI is +37.26%, compared with a gain of 5.95% for buy and hold.
Again, as shown in other back testing results, the tool has worked quite well for currencies.

If you wish to try the tool on any stock or ETF, please use this link (and get 2 months free).

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