Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chocolate Anyone? The Top Commodity ETFs to Buy, (Chocolate ETF is Oversold)

There is no better excuse to buy chocolate now.

We computed the relative strength levels of all commodity ETFs and ETNs on the market. These provide a very good indication of overbought and oversold levels.

By looking at the daily, weekly, and monthly values an investor can select the appropriate investment horizon, short term, medium term, and long term respectively.

Here they are ordered by RSI daily (short term):

(please click to enlarge)

Most oversold are

  • NIB: Cocoa
  • PWND: Is wind a commodity? Well, PWND is oversold.
  • RJZ: Metals
  • JJU: Aluminum
  • JJT: Tin

There are no overbought ETF in the short term, in fact in any timeframes. Investor beware.

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