Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Global ETFs For 2010

Following on the global ETF and diversification for the U.S. Dollar topic, we computed the RSI values of all global ETFs in the U.S. market, with an eye on a longer term outlook.

RSI gives us an excellent measure of how a stock is overvalued or overbought. It turns out that, for the long term, there is only one oversold global ETFs. Here are the top 20 most oversold ETFs, sorted by RSI7-monthly:

The one oversold is FXP, which is a double bear on China. The next one is GULF, which is a Middle East Dividend fund.

Now, these are the top 20 most overbought global ETFs:

IDX is Indonesia, EIS is Israel, ECH is Chile.

Use the Technical Trend Analysis Tool to receive alerts on these ETFs. Please do your own due dilligence.


These are the ETF names and daily average trading volume:

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