Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chigago ISM Numbers Were Released Ahead of Time to a Select Few for Huge Profits

The release of the Chigago ISM numbers this morning made the markets drop like a rock:

The news was scheduled for 9:45AM (from Barrons):

How would you like to have known this report's information before it was released to the general public? Well, apparently you can. All you need to do is pay $200 per month. This is a screen capture of their web site, (click to view an enlarged version), where they explicity state that you can get the report 3 minutes ahead of it being released:

(please click to enlarge) This is not an Ad! This is their web site!

See the site here. If you are a subscriber you will get the news 3 minutes ahead of everyone else. That's enough time to short the heck out of the market or to buy some puts:

SPY 106 puts:

What a nice profit. Feel free to send me a subscription!

When is this going to end?

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