Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update and Results: Top 50 ETFs To Sell and Buy

On September 21 we posted a list of the top 50 ETFs to buy and to sell based on the list RSI7 values we compiled for all 770 ETFs on the market.

Here are the results (so far), with prices as of Friday September 25. During this time, the S&P500 went down -2.13%

Results, Top 50 to Buy:

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The top 50 to buy indeed went up during this period (when the market went down). Here are the average percentage moves by range:

1-10: +2.97%
1-20: +3.86%
1-30: +4.11%
1-40: +4.52%
1-50: +4.00%

Out of the top 50 to buy, the "top 40" achieved the best 'buy' performance.

Results, Top 50 to Sell:

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The top 50 to sell indeed dropped in price, so if you had shorted them you would have made money.

In terms of range, here are the averages

1-10: -0.53%
1-20: -1.60%
1-30: -1.85%
1-40: -2.12%
1-50: -2.31%

Interestingly, the entire top 50 are the best 'short' performers.


In conclusion, the technique to buy and sell worked fine. Please stay tuned for updates which we will make regularly.


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