Saturday, September 26, 2009

H1N1: Canada Issues Warning Over Tamiflu

Health Canada has issued a warning over the Tamiflu anti-viral medication being used to combat H1N1.

There are apparently dosing errors associated with Tamiflu in liquid form.

In the U.S. the FDA said that there confusing prescriptions can lead to dangerous over-or under-dosing of the drug. Label instructions for the product provided information in millilitres or teaspoons, while the measuring device provided with the prescription was in milligrams.
This has led in some cases to patient or caregiver confusion and dosing errors.

Health Canada said "if a physician's instructions specify dosages in millilitres or teaspoons, then the dropper in the Tamiflu package should be replaced, if possible, with one calibrated in millilitres or teaspoons."

To view a list of companies involved with H1N1, please see our article H1N1 Stocks That May Soar.

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Latest table:

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The stocks have on average gone up +205% this year. Top performer is CHIP, at +702%. The vaccine companies in particular will make for excellent short candidates once the scare is over.

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Ron said...

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