Friday, September 25, 2009

Rare Earth Discovery: Quest Uranium Has Major Find

Investors interested in rare earths may want to have a look at Quest Uranium, a company that operates in northern Quebec, Canada. It has found major new rare earth discovery in Quebec and Labrador.

The market for rare earth is very tight as China has decided to consume internally and is no longer exporting.

Quest's sampling returned up to 14.43% Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO), with Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) representing between 7% and 67% of the total REE component.

Because of the potential significance of this new discovery, Quest has started further definition diamond drilling with the view of including it a preliminary resource estimate for the property in 2010.

Disclaimer: I own QUC shares, received as a spin-off at $0.12 (!).

As always, please do your own due dilligence.

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