Thursday, September 17, 2009

Complete List of Top ETFs by Assets, by Issuers, Long and Short

Here is the list of top ETFs in the U.S as of August 2009 by assets. The charts also show comparisons with August 2008. We list long and shorts, leveraged and inverse, by issuers, and totals by categories.

By Assets:

The top ETF is SPY, as it has been for many years. Note the GLD is now in the number 3 spot. iShares Emerging Markets is now number 4.

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By Category:

Long ETFs still predominatewhen compared to short ETFs. US Equity long is the number one spot. US short (leverage) is in number 7 spot.

Number of ETFs on the market:

There are now 770 ETFs and 84 ETNs.

Top ETFs by Issuers:

Some surprises here. BGI is the top issuer, ahead of SSGA, Vanguard. ProShares is number 4.

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These numbers are compiled and published by the National Stock Exchange on a monthly basis.

UPDATE: I ran an RSI tool to determine the top 50 most overbought and most oversold ETFs out of the universe of over 700 ETFs. Please view post with results here.


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