Saturday, September 5, 2009

Electric Car Batteries: An Easy and Safe Way to Invest in the Lithium Bubble

With electric vehicles being fashionable again, investors are looking at batteries, specifically at Lithium. This interest in Lithium may well become another market mania or bubble. Many sites claim that there is not enough Lithium around. Many junior exploration companies will be competing to attract investors money. Investors will be looking for maximum profit, and most junior companies will fail, as usual, continuing the eternal cycle.

If you are looking to invest in Lithium, consider that SQM, Sociedad Quimica Minera, has 250 years supply worth of Lithium. SQM is a solid Chilean company that has been around for years. Its ADRs trade on the NYSE since 1994 and it is a profitable company.

In addition, the company is of course big in chemicals and fertilizers. Please take a look at the chart comparing SQM with another bubble darling, POT:

POT: +852%; SQM: +992%.

If you wish, please take a look at the first couple of minutes of Mr. Rule's video on BNN, "Lithium market is horribly overblown", but Lithium may be another market mania for speculators: video

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