Thursday, September 3, 2009

Q3 2009: PBR has the Largest Company Profit in Latin America And U.S.

Petrobras (PBR on the NYSE) reported the largest profit of all non-financial companies in the U.S. and Latin America in Q2 2009: $3.93B. By the way, this would be second only to Citibank if financial companies were included ($4.27B).

Among the top 20 latin-american companies overall there are 12 from Brazil. Particularly strong were the Brazilian banks, as usual. Their Q2 profits, along with their symbols (ADRs where possible) are shown below:

- Itau-Unibanco (NYSE: ITUB) $1.31B
- Banco do Brasil (SAO: BBAS3): $1.20B
- Bradesco (NYSE: BBD): $1.17B
- Santander (SAO: SANB3): $0.3B

Other Brazilian companies in the top 20:

- Vale (NYSE: RIO): $0.7B
- AmBev (NYSE:BBS): $0.7B
- Braskem (NYSE:BAK): $0.6B
- Ita├║sa (SAO: ITSA4): $0.5B
- TAM (NYSE:TAM): $0.4B
- Cesp (SAO: CESp6): $0.4B
- Aracruz (NYSE: ARA): $0.3B

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